Children Courses

Have Fun While You Learn – Enjoy Painting!

Children are born with a natural sense of colour and imagination. This painting week wants to feed and develop both: the enjoyment of painting as well as challenging creativity.
A story full of pictures, colours and moods will be told in sequences in the first four days.
Incorporating ideas that arise from painting. The last day we will explore selected works from art history and share our own paintings, while having cake with an icecream chocolate shake.

Children’s courses are on offer, 08.4.-12.4.2019 Two courses are on offer: 10 am – 12 pm and 2pm – 4pm (Age 5 -9 )

Please bring:

  • An old, long shirt (to protect clothes)

  • Old shoes

  • 7 small jars with screwtops ( for the paint provided)







1974-1976 studied at FH for Art and Design, Cologne with Prof. Otto Gerster

1976-1979 Studied at Camberwell School of Art, London

since 1979 practising artist

since 1987 teaching painting at the European Academy Fine Art, Trier


1987/1988 Art Basel

1989 Art Frankfurt

1990 Art Madrid


1985 Award of sponsorship for Young Artists BBK Rheinland Pfalz

1986 Burgund Scolarship Cultural Ministry Rheinland Pfalz

1987 2.Prize ART and Artists Rheinland Pfalz

2.Prize ART AWARD Trier Saarburg

2001 Nominated for Robert Schuman Art Award, Metz


(selection) in Germany, England and Scotland


(selection) in Wien, Palma, Zürich, Ludwigshafen, Trier


1984 SWF TV Documentary by Eberhard Schulz in „ Abendschau“ and „ Blick ins Land“

1994 SWF Radio Interview by Martina Conrad in SWR 2 Kultur

2010 SWF Radiointerview mit Thomas Rath in S2 „Mittagskulturjournal“


1987-1998 teaching at the Centro d‘ arte Verrochio, Casole d‘ Elsa, Siena

1983-2000 Summerholiday Courses in her studio for children ,(Age 4-10) ,

Adult Education Hillesheim, Germany

2000 restructured Children’s Courses at the European Academy of Fine Art in Trier and teaches since then in addition to her other teaching commitments there, also in the Children’s Department